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I've been making different art pieces over the last few days as practice and I'm really pleased with how they're turning out. I'm so happy that I can make art and see everyone else's on this site. I've just been much happier the past few days than usual and it's FANTASTIC!


2017-03-21 09:04:10 by Meaplord

Workin Hard on improving art. Always gotta practice to get better. I really need to work on inking. Welp, back to the grind.


2017-02-28 18:45:52 by Meaplord

I just made an account and I am so excited to share my work! I love to make all kinds of art in my spare time, but haven't made an account until now. I really want to improve my art and I can't wait to see everyone else's! I also plan on game development and animation as future goals. ;D